velociraptor Head Skin Foam Rubber

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Realistic Velociraptor Head Skin is made from flexible foam rubber with a powernet backing for support.

This skin can be used to bring realistic skin look and texture to your own velociraptor puppet or prop.    The skin has been slit up the back side of the neck so it can easily be fit onto a form, or puppeted by performers arm.  This skin will be received as shown (photo is of actual item).  the skin does have some small blemishes and bubbles which will need to be repaired prior to final painting.

This skin was designed for use with our velociraptor head core (sold seperately), but can be used with your own custom created head core if preferred.

This skin is truly a blank canvass for a do it yourself prop maker!  Use this skin to create a truly unique prop or puppet.  

Pricing is for foam rubber skin only.  Velociraptor foam head core must be purchased seperately.