Ultra-Realistic Human Head Created With Silicone Skin

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Pulled from the same mold as our realistic human head replica (SKU 4165), this "skin" is cast from platinum based silicone for a very real look and feel.  This skin can be used to produce realistic head props or animatronic puppet.  The platinum based silicone has a very realistic movement,(if you have an animatronic head core that you would like to cover in a new skin).

This skin is unfinished, in that it will need cleaning, patching, trimming, paint and hair to be truly finished. The silicone has been tinted to the caramel flesh color shown.  A wonderful blank canvas for the do it yourself prop maker, or anyone on a budget.  Use this skin to produce a truly unique piece!

Pricing is for just the silicone skin- no head core of any kind will be received with this product.  This product will be received in as-is condition.  Photos are of actual item.