Posted by Jim Boulden on 7th Sep 2018


We've landed in our new nest and are thrilled to be in Camarillo!

To celebrate, we are offering 30% off of these one of a kind, Halloween related items.

To get it, use code: HALLOWEEN2018 when checking out.  This coupon will show up in the cart and show you the exact discount amount.

Here's some examples of the offerings:

Scary Movie 2 - Screen Featured Skeleton Puppet

There are some other rigs from Scary Movie 2, as seen in this amazing sequence with Anna Faris:

Here's the Black Cat Puppet that grabbing it's crotch:

Flexible Black Cat Puppet

If you are a do-i-yourself kind of artist, you can make your own cat replica or puppet from the very same parts we used to make all of these puppets!

Flexible Domestic Cat Form in Lying Down Position

Domestic Cat Head Form - Vince

Cat Body Form Sitting Position

Domestic Cat Kitten ReplicaCalico Cat Hand StandSalem cat puppet skins