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Here at Animal Makers, we truly love animals. When watching tv, commercials, films, games and art; we are looking for the animals. Every single crew member here loves animals. Before being hired, they were creating animals in their garages, home studios and at school.

The lion shown below is actually a clever couture costume!  The suit performer actually enters in through the body cavity, and is hidden below the ground line.  Once inside the professional lion costume, the actor grabs ahold of the skull of the head and moves it as directed.


Animal Makers' Team Member Aina O'Kane touches up this realistic lion costume on set for Canon and Hokuhodo Advertising.

When a custom special effects costume is commissioned, a concept drawing is presented.


This is the finished, fantasy, special effects costume as it appeared on set.

This concept was drawn for a bear character to appear in a commercial for Nokia.

Then there are client updates presented towards arriving at the final couture costume.


Animal Makers has been providing the finest, animated suit representing animals, birds, reptiles, insects, fish and fantasy animals for films, television, and commercials.


This is one massive Velociraptor suit built in 2013 here at the Animal Makers' studios.  There are a number of steps we go through to build these types of suits.

These special effects suits work all over the world.  Here's a walrus suit working in the Chilean Andes at 14,000'.


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Check out some of these wonderful costumes:

Animatronic Realistic Professional Adult Brown Bear Costume-Mama


Huan Huan the Realistic Giant Panda Bear Costume

Papa Brown Bear Costume


Hollywood Film Quality Gorilla Costume - Grüd