Red Fish Replica Prop

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This is a realistic approximately 12" long, fish replica created in silicone and polyfoam.  The silicone gives it some weight and allows the fins to move about in the water naturally.  Great fish rig.  It works in the water or above, and can be rigged a number of ways.


RENTAL:  Rental charges provides user with a week's use (or part thereof) of this prop to create any media for all time.  Travel to and from  shooting location can be arranged with Animal Makers.  Rental only applies to the film makers' version of this item created in foamed latex.

RENTAL DEPOSIT  A deposit in the amount equal to the rental fee is due before an item leaves the shop.  Insurance in an amount equal to the item’s value will be presented at time of rental.  Rental fee includes any media use.  If item is to be shipped out of the Southern California area, a deposit for the full value of the prop is required, prior to shipping.


This is a used item.  It is warranted for materials and workmanship for 90 days.  Freight to and from Animal Makers is not included.


Animal Makers does not guarantee this prop as suitable for any particular shot, scene or situation.