Realistic Full Scale Small Pig Peccary Movie Prop

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Ready in 2-6 weeks
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Knocked out "prey" style pecary with coarse hair, complete mouth set, and poseable limbs. The fibers are actually removed from their backing and applied directly to a latex skinned, molded urethane foam body with armature wire inside. This model is a sub adult. Also known as the Javelina, or Musk Hog, this is the only wild, native, pig-like animal found in the United States. This model was created for a movie, but can be excellent in a museum display! Collared Peccary (AKA: Javelina, Tayaussa, Musk Hog) Each model is hand-made for top quality.

Small pig called a peccary.  This model stands approximately 18" tall, and is about 8" wide.  The "fur" is actually hair work.  These types of animals have a very course hair that shows the skin through it, when looked at closely.

No rentals currently available Please allow 2-6 weeks to create.  Please use purchase pricing to estimate building your own.  Also known as a Collared Peccary (AKA: Javelina, Tayaussa, Musk Hog)  Each model is hand-made in the USA using exclusive molds.  Please allow 2-6 weeks to create.

90 days parts and workmanship