Realistic Feathered Angel Wing Costume

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Lightweight Angel Wing Costume with Harness

These angle wings are a beautiful peice of work.  Wingspan of 8' wide.  Harness straps onto the talent.  Extremely light weight (under 20 pounds).  Since they are currently, you can change the color to match your requirements.

Shipping size: 96' x 12" x 48".  About the size of a bicycle box.  The harness and wings weigh only 12 pounds.  Add the weight of the box or crate when figuring freight costs.

How they were made:

Each feather is chosen (rights and lefts for each side).  Then chosen for how pretty and pristine they are. The key is to give them a realistic feathered look. Here we are all about quality. To ensure that these wings have the best quality.. Feathers are added one by one. This gives them the ability to control the flow of the wing and give it a layered look that makes them POP. 

Underneath the feather coating is a basic aluminum framework and harness.



***ALL RENTALS require Certificate of Insurance, Refundable Rental Deposit, SIGNED Rental Policy Agreement and Terms & Conditions Release Form (after Purchase we will require these before shipment or pick-up)***

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12.00 LBS
96.00 (in)
12.00 (in)
48.00 (in)

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