Realistic Domestic Cat Replica Puppet in Laying Position

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Cats can help get attention to your project!

ANIMATRONIC: Salem the animatronic cat, laying down position. Full range of head motion, eye blinks, mouth "Talks", tail flips around. No paw movement. Requires two animatronic controllers plus one seven channel radio setup or can be programmed to play its lines. Tail has multiple axis controls as well.

NOTE:  Shown mounted onto a box.  This realistic cat puppet lifts off of the box and goes pretty much anywhere you want him.  The control rod does come out of his belly, so that is either removed or performed as needed.  In the show, "Sabrina" there were usually 4 puppeteers performing this cat puppet.  It can be performed by one person, but not to it's best performance.  Price includes all controllers, radios, batteries, to make this puppet run flawlessly!


Arangarta: I watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch just for Salem :')

Snellfish: Why was the Julia cat so terribly constructed? They did a great job with Salem!

Shiek927: I can tell from alot of comments XD I mean really, the show itself was funny and great at the time....but Salem was the one thing that stands out in my mind about it; I can still remember his hilarious crying after all this time XD

The face actions by Salem are under your control with these joysticks!



90 days parts and labor

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