Realistic Chicken Art Production Package set

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Here is an excellent grouping of chicken props and there molds.


Puppets & Props included:

Realistic Animated Chicken Movie Prop  X1  $1600.00

Realistic Chicken Replica Movie Prop Puppet  X5  $1500.00

Life-Sized, Realistic Animated Chicken Replica  X1  $4500.00

Realistic Animated Chicken Close Up Face  X1  $4500.00

Animated Chicken Helmet & Backpack  X1  $150.00

Rooster Chicken Prop  X1  $1500.00

Chicken Prop Replica  X2  $1500.00

Realistic Chicken Prop Flying Position  X1  $1750.00

Chicken Legs, Feet and Claws Movie Prop  X2  $650.00

Chicken Backpack  X8  $100.00

Chicken Backpack Large  X1  $100.00


Molds included:

Chicken Body Mold 1  X1  $5500.00 

Chicken Comb Waddles Mold Large  X1  $2000.00

Whole Chicken Mold  X1  $6000.00

Chicken Feet Mold 1  X1  $2500.00

Chicken Leg Mold 1  X1  $2000.00

Chicken Wing Mold 2  X1  $2000.00

Chicken Neck Mold  X1  $1500.00

Chicken Body Mold Mold Updated  X1  $6000.00

Chicken Comb Waddles Mold Small  X1  $1500.00

Chicken Comb Waddles Mold Med  X1  $1750.00

Chicken Drumsticks Mold  X1  $1500.00

Chicken Body Core Mold  X1  $5500.00

Chicken Head Waddles Mold  X1  $3500.00

Chicken Leg Mold 2  X1  $2000.00

Chicken Head Mold for Waddles  X1  $4000.00

Chicken Head Comb Mold  X1  $1750.00


Props totaling $26,700.00

Molds totaling $49,000.00

Totaling $75,700.00


Accurate weight, size and shipping costs will be aquired at time of purchase.

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