• American Bald Eagle Puppet

    American Bald Eagle Puppet

    This realistic, full-scale eagle puppet is a lifesized, realistic, American Bald Eagle in flight position.  The entire bird pans, tilts, wings flap with jointed mid wings, mouth open/close, talons grab, head bobs back...

  • Animatronic head, snarls, lip curl, eyes blink, head up/down/right/left, talks, laughs, can be goofy or scary.

    Animated Bear Puppet

    This amazingly realistic bear puppet that you control, offers accurate animations (check out the video)!  Refitted with new foam latex face and fur layup in Sept 2006.  Animatronic head, snarls, lip curl, eyes...

  • animated penguin flippers for penguin puppet

    Animated Cable Penguin Flipper Controller

    These are a pair of animatronic penguin flippers (left and right), can be used to create a penguin puppet with moveable flippers. Rods are 26 inches in length.  Cable controlled.  hand-brake style levers are used...

  • Animated Hawk or Eagle Puppet

    Animated Hawk or Eagle Puppet

    ANIMATRONIC: Mouth open/shut, Additional action provides for scooting over on a branch. Three axis neck moves up and down , left and right, side to side. Wings animate. Two different wing attachments that allow for a "bird...

  • Animated Sheep Movie Prop Puppet

    Animated Sheep Movie Prop Puppet

    This puppet is a very animated using cable and radio controllers.  It is a standing white sheep replica.  Cables come out of back leg and trail to controllers 12' away.  Head lifts up, head turns, mouth opens...

  • animated vampire bat for film directors

    Animatronic Bat

    This puppet speaks for the second largest order of mammals in the world! Amazing puppet that is built oversized (compared to real vampire bats). Approximately 36" wingspan. Animations include flapping wings, mouth opens,...

  • animatronic boar, sow or pig

    Animatronic Pig Boar Puppet

    This item is a full sized, animatronic boar. Originally sculpted as a sow, it is now "dressed" as a boar! This replica of a full sized pig is 5'6" [1.67m] nose to base of tail. Animations include: nose wiggle, mouth...

  • Capuchin Monkey (Marionette 2)

    Capuchin Monkey (Marionette 2)

    This item is a realistic, life-sized, capuchin replica that is built as a marionette.  Shown missing it's left arm in these images.  Another arm can be replaced.  This marionette is created in urethane...

  • This item is a replica Pacific Bottlenosed Dolphin and it is used in film making and dolphin-human therapy. This model includes animations: head (left/right/up/down), mouth opens/closes, blow hole animates and spouts water, dolphin sounds come out from mellon area, moves back & forth in the water, spins on axis (20°), and generally can be performed like a real dolphin. Amazing close-up detail in the silicone skin, teeth and eyes. One of Animal Makers' finest works. Model rental is for one day of filming or event.

    Common Bottlenosed Dolphin Puppet

    This item is an animated replica of a Common Bottlenosed Dolphin Used in film making and dolphin-human therapy. This model was built with the following animations: head (left/right/up/down), mouth...

  • Realistic Emperor Penguin Puppet for Movie and Video

    Emperor Penguin Hand Puppet

    This upper body, easy to perform hand puppet matches the penguin suit perfectly.  It works under water, on top of the water, or driving a car!  This is a handy penguin rig to have when your script calls for fun...

  • green feathered gloves for puppeteers

    Feathered Gloves Green Pair

    A pair of dark green feathered gloves.  Thees gloves can be worn by puppeteers to hide the hands, or as a costume accessory.  

  • Gray feathered gloves for puppetry or costuming

    Feathered Gloves Grey Pair

    A pair of light grey feathered gloves.  Thees gloves can be worn by puppeteers to hide the hands, or as a costume accessory.  Feathers cover the front (palm), and back side of the hand and arm.