Pitbull Replica Form

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Here's a great looking pitbull replica form!

Your film's dog probably has a unique look.  This replica can be reproduced fairly quickly because of the molds we already have.  These molds were sculpted to the taste of the particular Art Director at the time.    The skin is made of latex layed in for several coats (usually 5).  Inside the body is a soft polyfoam.  These can be made to look very rough depending on the action stunts required.  We flock the fur on which goes pretty quick.  Send up pictures of your dog, we'll copy it.  This set of molds can create a number of similar types of pit bull including: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier, American Bully, English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, French Bulldog, and Boston Terrier.

SIZE of the blank body:

  • Dog collar to base of tail is 24"
  • Bottom of rear leg to top of hip is 22"
  • Shoulder width is 10"
  • Front floor to pit is 16".

For full replica build - Pitbull Replica

Furs and flocking will add bulk to this prop.  Here are some options:

White Natural Look Plush FabricsBlonde Fox 2 PileBrown Fox Fur Pile 2Brown Husky Faux Animal Fur Pile 3

Flocking - Overview

Flocking Beech wood Nylon .375"Flocking Black Acrylic .160"Flocking Black Acrylic .180"Flocking Beige Acrylic .375"

Here's an example of what flocking looks like:




If item is not in stock and is to be built, please contact us to check shop's build schedule.

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40.00 LBS
12.00 (in)
36.00 (in)
48.00 (in)

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