Penguin Molds and Props Art Production Set

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Such a cute little waddle of penguins!

This set consists of many different size penguins big and small.  A few of these penguins were in the movie "Jackass".  With this set you will get more then a dozen props, pupets and penguin parts.  Plus, you will get all the molds to make your own colony.

Props included:

$1700.00 X3 Jackass Penguin Replica Movie Prop  

$1500.00  Penguin Replica Adele Movie Prop V3

$2500.00 x3 Emperor Penguin Photo Model

$1750.00  Emperor Penguin Rig

$750.00  Penguin Flipper

$750.00  Oversized Penguin Flipper

$450.00  Emperor Penguin Head Form

$4500.00  Emperor Penguin Hand Puppet

$4500.00  Emperor Adult Penguin Animatronic Puppet

$9500.00  Emperor Penguin Puppet

$1500.00  Penguin Head

$2000.00  Emperor Penguin Prop

Molds included:

$2000.00  Small Penguin Display Flippers Molds

$1000.00  Large Penguin Display Stand with Feet Mold

$800.00  Small Penguin Display Stand with Feet Mold

$1500.00  Emperor Penguin Wings Mold

$2000.00  Large Penguin Display Flippers Molds

$1250.00  Penguin Foot Mold 1

$1250.00  Penguin Foot Mold 2

$800.00  Emperor Penguin nub Mold

$5000.00  Emperor Penguin Body Mold

$2250.00  Penguin Flippers Core Mold 2

$1250.00  Penguin Flippers Mold 2

$1250.00  Penguin Flippers holding camera Mold

$3500.00  Emperor Penguin Head Mold

$3500.00  Emperor Penguin Core Head Mold

$7500.00  Emperor Adult Penguin Core Head Mold

$1000.00  Adult Emperor Penguin Palate Mold

$6000.00  Emperor Adult Penguin Body Mold

$5000.00  Emperor Adult Penguin Body Core Mold

$3000.00  Emperor Penguin Adult Head Mold

$2000.00  Emperor Adult Penguin Feet Mold

$1750.00  Adele Penguin Wings Mold

$1750.00  Adele Penguin Wings Mold 2

$4500.00  Adele Penguin Mold

$2500.00  Adele Penguin Feet Mold


Props totaling $39,800.00

Molds totaling $57,850.00

Total worth $87,650.00


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