Papa Polar Bear Costume

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Everybody loves a friendly Polar Bear!

This item is a lightweight, realistic, animated Polar Bear Suit that stands approximately 8' tall. The lightweight backpack construction allows an animated face to operate easily while keeping the performer cool with fans. Originally designed and created for use in a Pepsi commercial in 2011 by the famous director, Joe Pytka. Suit fits onto a 5'10" to 6'2" tall performer.


Five axis of animation in the face! Movements on this rental suit face are: mouth open / shut, upper lip lifts (to smile), lower lip drops (for kissy kisses or snarling), eyes blink, and the ears move as well. This is a new, lightweight design with shoulder mounted animation. All of the weight of the animated head is carried by the performer's backpack. This design approach makes it safer to operate and perform.  If you want the animations, click double in the controller options.

The gorgeous fur is hand-wefted to Animal Makers' specifications. The fur's backing is stretch.

Mix live costume performance with computer graphics like this amazing bit of 2015 footage from Coca Cola in support of the Brazil Olympics:

To have the head animate you will need 1 of these RC Radio Remote Controller




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