Nurse Shark

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8.00 LBS
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Animatronic Puppet: The nurse shark is actually a very timid species. This flexible silicone relica prop is approximately 4' (1.2192 m) long. Moves body side to side, gills open/shut, extension rod comes out side of fish for manipulation.

RENTAL:  Rental charges represent a single performance day for a film shoot.  Travel to and from  shooting location can be arranged with Animal Makers.  Rental only applies to the film makers' version of this item created in foamed latex.

RENTAL DEPOSIT  A deposit in the amount equal to the rental fee is due before an item leaves the shop.  Insurance in an amount equal to the item’s value will be presented at time of rental.  Rental fee includes one media use.  If item is to be shipped out of the Southern California area, a deposit for the full value of the prop is required, prior to shipping.