Have fun with this Lobster collection!

Here is a nice variety of lobster props and the molds to make them.


Package includes:

$1500.00  Crab Lobster Claw

$3500.00  Animated Lobster Replica Prop

$2000.00  Realistic Maine Lobster Movie Prop - Uncooked paint job

$2000.00  Realistic Maine Lobster Movie Prop - Cooked Paint Job

$3000.00  Small Lobster Claw Mold

$3000.00  Lobster Claw Mold Small

$6000.00  Lobster Mold 2

$6000.00  Lobster Mold Extended 2

$2500.00  Lobster Feelers Mold

$3500.00  Lobster Claw Mold Large Right

$2000.00  Lobster Antenna Mold

$7000.00  Lobster Large Mold

$3000.00  Lobster Legs Mold A

$3000.00  Lobster Legs Mold B

$3500.00  Large Lobster Claw Mold Left


Total value $51,500.00


Accurate weight, size and shipping costs will be aquired at time of purchase.

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Weight: 100.00 LBS
Width: 48.00
Height: 36.00
Depth: 48.00
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