Large Animatronic Velociraptor Dinosaur Costume

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Stop traffic with this amazingly realistic dinosaur costume!

Your viewers will swear they have just seen a live velociraptor! This rig hides the legs of the performer, but still allows vision! The outside is lightweight, textured stretch fabric with impregnated silicone scales. The paint job is also in silicone base. The performing cockpit includes switched fans and interior lighting, as well as pre-programmed sounds, amplifier and high end sound system. The animation is all hand actuated which allows ease of performance.

Lots of animation, including:

  1. The head and neck are very animated moving up and down, left and right,
  2. the long body, neck and tail move independently,
  3. as well as the blinking eyes and the
  4. snapping mouth.
  5. Bose digital sound system allows the performer to press a button for each velociraptor screech.  
  6. The eye blinks are  membranes that close from front to back.  

Photo shows the eyelid closed.  

This is scientifically accurate.


We do have the mold in stock and more can be produced - If item is not in stock and is to be built, please contact us to check shop's build schedule. 


This Animated Velociraptor Suit is built to order and includes a 12 month parts warranty, 90 day parts and labor warranty. No freight included.
Additional Controllers Required:
On Board Battery: