In the Location Based Entertainment business, it can be difficult to compete with Hollywood's most powerful intellectual property owners like Disney.  Despite the power of those intellectual properties, one of Disney's most popular attractions is "Expedition Everest" at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  This is an adventure type roller coaster, and features a great looking Yeti that terrorizes the riders.

In each attraction, there needs to be a star or two.  These are wonderful characters that provide interest, and online sharing opportunities.

Great animal characters are what this offer is all about.  Since 1979, Hollywood has entrusted the most important animal character to us.  In those years, over $30,000,000 was spent by Universal Studios, Warner Brothers, Paramount, and many more.  The key elements of these physical animal characters are now available.

Animals have been an integral part of entertainment and communication since cave painting days!  Filmed entertainment is an $88 billion business worldwide!  Growth is expected to $104bn by 2019.

Theme Parks that want to remain competitive must offer high quality moving props, costumes, and puppets.  The bar of expectations gets raised every year.  Even the filmed entertainment industry always needs animal-looking hand props and simple special fx to get the shot done.  A specialist is always in demand.

The very technology that Hollywood spent $30 million making, can now be yours for pennies on the dollar.  buy the technology and build everything right in your own country.  This saves shipping and import costs.


Thousands of behind the scenes imagery showing process are included with each Art Production Set.  Here's an example of behind-the-scenes imagery and video.  This is the truly fun part of working in the entertainment industry!

Organic Mechanical Designs

Patterns of many exotic animals and wonderful costumes

Fur transfer techniques

Introduction to specialized vendor contacts

Introduction to entertainment contacts and customers


Alligator/Crocodile Art Production Set

Anteater Art Production Set

Baboon Monkey Prop Package Set

Realistic Beaver Puppets Props and Molds Art Production Set

Boa Python Snake Package Set

Pig Boar Package Mold Set with Prop and Puppet

Bulldog Art Production Package Set

Caiman Alligator Complete Prop and Mold Set

Capuchin Monkey Package set

Realistic Chicken Package set

Chimp Production Package Set

Cobra Snake Art Production Package Set

Cow Art Production Package Set

Crab Art Production Package Set

Crow Art Production Set

Deer Fawn Art Production Package Set

Dolphin Art Production Package Set

Ancient Chinese Dragon Original Art Mold Set

Duck Art Production Set

 Eel Art Production Package Set

Elephant Art Production Mold Set

Fish Art Production Set

Frogs Art Production Set

Giraffe Art Production Mold Set

Gopher Art Production Package Set

Hamster Critter Guinea Pig Hand Puppet Production Set

Equine Horse Art Production Package

Baby Howler Monkey Mold Set

Komodo Art Production Dragon Head Package Set

Lion Art Production Set

Lizard Art Production Package Set

Monitor Lizard Art Production Head Mold

Lobster Art Production Package Set

Realistic Manatee Puppet Package Set

Marlin package set

 Mouse Art Production Package Set

Muskrat Art Production Mold Set

Opossum Art Production Package Set

Penguin Art Production Set

Rabbit Hare Art Production Package Set

Realistic Raccoon Replica Mold Set

Ultimate Rat Art Production Package Set 

Realistic Snake Props Package Set

Rhino Art Production Set

Rottweiler Art Production Package Set 

King Salmon Art Package Set

Seal Art Production Replica Package Set

Sharks Art Production Package Set

Terrier Dog Art Production Package Set

Realistic Tiger Art Production Package Set

Tortoise Art Production Set

Trout Art Production Package Set

Turtle Art Production Package Set

Velociraptor Dinosaur Replica Package Set

Velociraptor Art Production Suit Mold Set

Pacific Walrus Art Production Package Set

Large Orca Whale Package Set

Animal Makers offers entertainment clients access to the world's largest collection of animal props, puppets, molds, patterns and rigs since 1979. 

These are once-in-a-lifetime offerings that would allow you to become an animal effects specialist!  All intellectual property rights are transferred to the buyer!  You can scan, make other molds from castings, incorporate into your next project with no hassles.

Here''s a Noah's Ark (one of earth's most popular stories) full of animals!  This is the first time an offer like this has been made.  Over 30 years of creating the best animal replicas representing over $30,000,000 invested are now up for sale.

Seeking Theme Parks, Water Parks, and other Themed Entertainment venues that understand how important the animal kingdom is to storytelling.  This is an offer for venues that want to own the intellectual properties of this art, and the technology to produce it.

We are making deals now.  Contact me right away if you are interested in anything in this offer!


Jim Boulden, President, Animal Makers Inc./ / 011-805-523-1900