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Grüd the Gorilla!  

  • This gorilla stands at approximately 7'-0" tall

  • A 5'11" - 6'1" performer looks out through the nostrlls.

  • Lightweight construction allows for ease of movement.  

  • No mouth or eye blink animation included at this price.  

  • Suit comes with latex gloves, which will give the performer the use of thier hands for grip or movement.  These gloves are not extended.  2015 Series Professional Gorilla Latex Gloves

  • In stock now (Nov 2016)

  • replaceable feet and hands

  • easy to dress onto a performer

  • Super lightweight head mount

  • Arm extensions also available

Animal Makers recommends that a local recruited performer be fit into the suit for several reasons: 

  • saves you cost of travel
  • saves you cost of per diem and meals
  • allows your director to find the right performer for the commercial
  • If the performer speaks the same language as the 1st AD or the Director, this speeds production
  • If the performer is not feeling well, another can be accessed from the previous casting session
  • a local performer will charge less money




We also offer Brutus.  He doesn't have any animatronics in his head, but is a formed suit for a more relistic gorilla: Hollywood Film Quality Gorilla Costume - Brutus   


Shipping requires:

1 case that is 24"x24"x36", weighing approximately 55 pounds

Plus: 1 case that is 22"x22"x21", weighing approximately 35 pounds.



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This is a brand new item warranted for workmanship and materials for one year.

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