Gorilla Mask Fabrication

One of the most important parts of the economy gorilla suit, is the helmet and head shape.  A gorilla has a substantially different head shape and stance when compared to humans.  The eyes don't really line up.  If the eyes do line up, there is a certain eariness or wrong feeling that is prompted.  Many of the older gorilla suits of the past were set up for an actor's eyes to be placed in holes in the mask.  This lined up the eyes, made the sloped forehead more vertical (to accomodate the actor's head), and too close together.  With this method, the gorilla's head looks slightly downward when a person is standing nromally.  Vision is anhanced using lipstick cameras and google glasss type goggles.


Inner skull cap mounted to outer gorilla skull with lightweight, high-density foam comfort inserts.



Now the latex and polyurethane face is stretched over the skull.  This face is stretchy, and could animate if need be.  This version will not have a mouth palette consisting of teeth, gums, and tongue.

Can you believe that this entire gorilla head weighs only 3 pounds?


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