Gorilla Gloves Silicone Unfinished

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This  pair of gorilla gloves is cast in Black tinted silicone laced with powernet for support.  The pair of gloves has been slit down the thumb side.  

The pair is mismatched, in that the silicone of the left hand is softer than the right.  In addition, the thickness of silicone is only uniform to about the base of the palm on the left hand, then silicone is very thin through the wrist.  Right hand glove has even thickness throughout, about 1/2 inch).

Left glove still has flashing attached at the seems, but seems could easily be cleaned up to match the right hand.

These gloves move well, and add detail to costuming or props.

Additional Details

3.20 LBS
6.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
14.00 (in)

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