Gilderfluke MP3-50/8 with Smart Media Card

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Powerful Show Control System

This control brick has been in the Animal Makers' display collection for a number of years.  It was used to show off the capabilities of a high level of control system.  The main difference between this unit and the new versions, is the on board storage format.

There is only one of these available at this super low price!  If you want to control 8 digital valves and tie that animation in with a specific sound track, this is a great deal.  You already know because you have been checking out the new ones online!

From the manufacturer's website:

The Mp3-50/8 is a complete audio playback box. It uses a SmartMedia card to hold audio files stored in the standard Mp3 format. With no moving parts to wear out, the Mp3-50 should well outlast the speakers it is attached to. The Mp3-50 can be used singly, or in combination with additional Mp3-50s, Mp3-50/8s or Mp3-50/40s, BR-SmartMedia cards or any Gilderfluke & Co. equipment. It can provide the audio for animated shows and displays, fountains, fireworks, safety announcements, advertising, alarm systems, window displays special effects, signs, clocks and carillons, or anything else that needs a sound to be played back upon command. Audio is loaded onto the Mp3-50 by first converting it to a Mp3 format file. There are a number of shareware programs for doing this, as well as Mp3 encoders included as part of most audio editing programs 1 . The AudioFiles are moved to the Mp3- 50ís SmartMedia card by temporarily moving the SmartMedia card to an appropriate slot or reader attached to your computer, or plugging in a USB cable to the front of the Mp3-50 from your computer. In the later case, the Mp3-50 will appear as a ëremovable disk driveí on your computer. You can then ëdrag and dropí your audio files onto to the SmartMedia card. The Mp3-50/8 and Mp3-50/40 are complete stand-alone Show Control and Audio Playback Systems. The Mp3-50/8s or Mp3-50/40s can be used singly, or in combination with additional Mp3-50s, Mp3-50/8s or Mp3-50/40s, BR-SmartMedia cards or any Gilderfluke & Co. equipment. It can be used to control animated shows and displays, fountains, fireworks, lighting, sound systems, simulators, slide and movie projectors, fiber optics, window displays, motors, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, neon special effects, signs, machines and machine tools in process control, or anything else that can be controlled by an electrical GILDERFLUKE & CO .ï 205 SOUTH FLOWER STREET ï BURBANK , CALIFORNIA 91502 ï 818/840-9484 ï 800/776-5972 ï FAX 818/840-9485 EAST COAST /FLORIDA OFFICE ï 7041 GRAND NATIONAL DRIVE ï SUITE 128d ï ORLANDO , FL. 32819 ï 407/354-5954 ï FAX 407/354-5955 1 of 119 1 Contact our sales staff for current Mp3 file converter recommendations. signal.

Check out the manual here:




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