Frogs Molds and Props Art Production Set

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150.00 LBS
48.00 (in)
48.00 (in)
48.00 (in)
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Frog Blank

This isn't your regular army!

Here is a collection of frogs from around the globe in many colors and sizes.

Props includes:

$2500.00  Large Frog

$1500.00  Frogs

$1500.00  Small Frog

$750.00  Red Eyed Tree Frog

$1950.00  Frog Animatronic Core

$4500.00  Baby Green frog puppet

$1500.00  frog medium size

$2500.00  Large Frog prop

$2500.00  Large Frog 2

$1500.00  Frog Stuffy

$500.00  Large Frog arm prop

Molds included:

$3500.00  Red Eyed Tree Frog Body Mold 1

$3500.00  Poison Dart Frog Mold

$5000.00  Large Frog Body Mold 2

$2500.00  Large Frog Front Legs Mold

$2000.00  Large Frog Palette Mold

$2500.00  Large Frog Rear Legs Mold 1

$4500.00  Large Frog Body Core Mold

$5000.00  Large Frog Body Mold 3

$3500.00  Medium Frog Body Mold

$2000.00  Medium Frog Legs Mold

$2500.00  Large Frog Legs Mold 2

$1500.00  Large Frog mouth Palette Mold

$2500.00  Large Frog Rear Legs Mold

$2500.00  Large Frog Mold

$4000.00  Large Frog Core Mold

$2500.00  Large Frog Legs Mold

$5000.00  Large Frog Body Mold

$750.00  Large Frog arm Mold


Props totaling $21,200.00

Molds totaling $55,250.00

Total worth $76,450.00


Accurate weight, size and shipping costs will be aquired at time of purchase.