1. How can I tell if an item is available for rent at a cheaper price than buying it?
    1. By clicking on the chosen item to see it's product page.
    2. Look for the "Availability" column.
  2. How do I get an animal costumed character onto my set?
    1. Arrange for shipping on your own account, by common carrier, or arrange for a customer will call.  Contact us at info@animalmakers.com to confirm and get pricing for your request.  
    2. Book your own actor for inside the costume.  Actors to perform inside a costume can be fairly easy to cast at almost any location.  Use a local casting representative, or Craigslist "Gigs" section.  For costumes, performer sizes are mentioned in the descriptions.
    3. Recommend you spend a few hours casting the part, just like what is done for any other performer.  Put the performer in the costume and ask for some of the actions that your script calls for.  See how the performer reacts to spending a half hour in the costume.
  3. Who needs realistic, fake animals?
    1. Film makers;
    2. Television producers;
    3. Photographers;
    4. Event Producers;
    5. Commercial Film Production Companies
    6. Commercial Service Companies
    7. Large Venue Entertainment Directors
    8. Restaurant Owners
    9. Bar Owners
    10. Childrens Museum Designers
    11. Live Entertainment Companies
  4. What is needed to book a prop or costume for an international show?
    1. Time for casting fittings, and for freight;
    2. Deposit may be required for the full value of the prop or costume.;
    3. Rental prepayment is required;
    4. Producer or others responsible for payments must sign and fax to us at 805-523-1903 this form: Terms-Conditions
    5. Provide project description and identification.
  5. How do I buy a costume or prop?
    1. Click on the item of interest and send that link to info@animalmakers.com
  6. Are there any union restrictions on any of the rentals?
    1. Any union or non-union affiliation is acceptable.
    2. Reality shows and Internet Video show will be requested to present a basic safety program, specially if there is a costume performance involved.