Fish Molds and Props Art Production Set

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If you like fake sushi, this is the lot of fish for you!

This collection has a variety of fresh and salt water fish.  As you will see there are many different sizes and styles of fish in this set.  With this set you will get animatronic, puppet and static fish props.

Fish included:

$1500.00  Fish Blank

$1500.00  Realistic Bass Fish Prop

$1500.00 X9 Realistic Fish Prop - 12" Tilapia

$950.00  Dead Fishes x3

$1500.00 X3 Dead Fish Props

$2200.00  Fish injured

$750.00  Clownfish Replica

$750.00  Clownfish Replica

$1750.00 X4 Red Fish Replica Prop

$1500.00  Orange Fish Prop

$1500.00  Orange Fish Animated Prop

$850.00 X6 Realistic Fish Replica Tilapia

$1500.00 X5 Bluefish

$950.00 X2 Yellow Tang Fish Replica 

$950.00 X3 Yellow Tang Fish Replica Blanks

$2550.00  Animated Koi Fish Prop

$750.00  Fish yellow black

Molds included:

$1000.00  Snapper Fish Palette Mold

$3500.00  Ramora Fish Mold

$3500.00  Saltwater Fish Mold 1

$3500.00  Fish Mold Bass

$1250.00  Fish Gills Mold

$3000.00  Clownfish Mold

$3000.00  Goldfish Mold

$1500.00  Goldfish Fins Mold A

$1500.00  Goldfish Fins Mold B

$2500.00  Red Telescoping GoldFish Mold

$4000.00  Tilapia Fish Core Mold

$4500.00  Tilapia Fish Mold 1

$4500.00  Tilapia Fish Mold 2

$1250.00  Tilapia Fish Fins Mold

$3000.00  Blue Fish Mold

$3000.00  Yellow Tang Fish Mold A

$4500.00  Sturgeon Fish Mold

$4500.00  Koi Fish Mold 10 inch

$1250.00  Koi Fish Fins Mold

$4000.00  Koi Fish Core Mold 10 inch


Porps totaling $56,300.00

Molds totaling $58,750.00

Package total $115,050.00



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200.00 LBS
48.00 (in)
48.00 (in)
48.00 (in)

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