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Commissions Being Bid Now

Your attraction can be bid out and ready to go as soon as California allows us back into the shop. There are two projects on the floor right now which will be delivered as soon as Las Vegas opens again.

That’s why your project should be in discussions now. It takes weeks and even months to arrive at a satisfactory price point which includes everything needed. As business-people, we are all allowed to contact each other over project questions, budget issues, delivery times, and more. Let’s make good use of this time.

Projects of interest are animated attraction displays for major venues. Visitors are drawn to your venue and share your new attractions on their social media and with travel services. The hospitality industry has been served by our creations for over 35 years, in every major market (worldwide), and has been viewed by over a million people.

Our art was featured on a music video that was viewed by half a billion people and helped launch a new musical talent!

You get online pictorial and video updates to share with your team. This allows your direct hand on the management of the work.