Cow Puppet Animatronics Educational Display Demo

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This is a demo display of an animatronic miniature cow face and tail.  This pricing will include all of the built in servos and mechanisms, but will not include a servo driver/controller.  There are 7 servos in all.  If you would like to purchase a Servo driver/recorder with up to 3 minute loop playback, please click on the following link: Robotzone 4 Servo Recorder

One side of the head has no covering for the animatronic core.  The internal workings of the animatronic mechanisms are visible here, so the observer can see exactly how each movement is produced and controlled!  all servo movements are intact and working.  The observer is then able to view the covered side of the puppet to view how each of those movements produces a facial movement or gesture.

Movements are: lip moves, eyes blink, jaw opens and closes, ears move up and down as well as forward and back, whole piece turns both directions, and tail flops and wags.  A display of this kind would be outstanding as an educational demo tool.

Please study photos carefully as this item will be received in as-is condition.  Photos are of actual item.  Video will be added when available!