Cow Art Production Package Set

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Get your own bovinae herd!

Here is a variety of cow part, props and molds.  Most of these molds are for a miniature size cow.  A perfect replica of most cow breeds, including horns and udders.

Set includes:

$1500.00 X9 Cow Leg Movie Prop

$1500.00  Cloven Hooves cow bovine bull

$1500.00  Cow head

$2250.00  Cow Miniature

$2500.00  Animated Scale Cow Prop

$1500.00  Cow Puppet Animatronic 2

$750.00  Cow Ears Mold

$750.00  Cow Tail Mold Miniature

$3000.00  Cow Head Mold Miniature 2

$4000.00  Cow Mold Miniature 1

$4000.00  Cow Mold Miniature Original

$750.00  Miniature Cow Tongue Mold

$3500.00  Miniature Cow Body Core Mold

$2500.00  Miniature Cow Test Head Core Mold

$3500.00  Cow Test Head Mold Miniature 2

$750.00  Miniature Cow Ears Blocks

$1000.00  Miniature Cow Pallette

$1500.00  Miniature Cow Horns A

$1500.00  Miniature Cow Horns B

$750.00  Cow Tail Mold Miniature 2

$1250.00  Cow Udder Mold

$1250.00  Front Cow Leg Nubs Mold

$1250.00  Cow Front Legs Mold

$1250.00  Cow Rear Legs Mold

$1250.00  Rear Cow Leg Nubs Mold 


Package totaling $57,250.00


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