Common Bottlenosed Dolphin Puppet

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This item is an animated replica of a Common Bottlenosed Dolphin

Used in film making and dolphin-human therapy.

This model was built with the following animations:

  1. head (left/right/up/down),
  2. mouth opens/closes,
  3. blow hole air mover and spouts water,
  4. dolphin sounds come out from mellon area,
  5. moves back & forth in the water,
  6. spins on axis (20°), and
  7. generally can be performed like a real dolphin.

Currently ready for use:

  1. mouth opens/closes,
  2. blow hole air mover and spouts water,
  3. dolphin sounds come out from mellon area

Other animations set up for use at additional cost of time and money.  These other animations have been disconnected for prior productions and are not currently available in the off-the-shelf rental.  Controllers are included and ready for customer to hook up.

Amazing close-up detail in the silicone skin, teeth and eyes. One of Animal Makers' finest works. Model rental is for one day of filming or event.  Rental fee includes all controllers required to operate this puppet.  This puppet has a rolling cart it mounts to, or can be removed and put onto another rig. 

If this item is to be shipped, please add several business days and a cost of $550 (as of 2/17).


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