Cobra Snake Replica Prop Large

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Want to perform the swaying action of the famously aggressive cobra?

This larger than life cobra puppet will wake up your viewers! Created from flexible foamed latex and topped with a deep silicone paint job. Tongue action easy to perform.  It's big enough to see easily.  Live cobras are usually the scale of Cobra Snake Replica Prop Medium.  Small size works in favor of the live cobra because you don't see a thing when it strikes.  Not so good for live performance situations where you want the viewer to see what's happening.  So, we built this version of a cobra to look just like the real thing, but on the bigger side of what a live snake's size would be.

Photos were taken at various times.  The lead photo (left most chooseable picture) was taken in Feb 2014.  Close examination reveals the cracks that come with a flexible props as it ages.  Options are to shoot or perform it as shown, or have our art department prep it for your performance.  That work is done hourly and is bid separately.

VIDEO is available on this puppet.  Click on the "PRODUCT VIDEOS" tab to view.

Products are not guaranteed for any film shot, particular use, or special effect without providing that guarantee in writing.

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