Brutus the Western Lowland Gorilla Costume

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Hollywood's best value in a gorilla suit!

Brutus, the Western Lowland gorilla features gorgeous hand wefted, museum-quality fur stretches over a custom-tailored muscle suit. Once in the costume, the gorilla stands 5'8" - 6'0" tall.  The performer should be approximately 5 to 5'6" tall.  This costume is about 1' (foot) shorter than "Colossus". Extended gorilla arms at proper length are included in the rental. This set is for walking and extend the performer's actual arm length by a third.  Mouth opens & shuts following the suit performer's jaw movements, but there is no animation in Brutus.. Hand punched hairs in the face, fur transfer along the face.

Animal Makers recommends that a local performer be fit into the suit for several reasons: 

  • saves you cost of travel
  • saves you cost of per diem and meals
  • allows your director to find the right performer for the commercial
  • If the performer speaks the same language as the 1st AD or the Director, this speeds production
  • If the performer is not feeling well, another can be accessed from the previous casting session
  • a local performer will (generally) charge less money

Brutus the Gorilla Latex Gloves

 This upgradeable set of gloves is used if hand and finger manipulation are required. This set does not extend the performer's actual arm length.

Local Day Shoot:

Dressing area needed is about 10'x10'.  We throw down a furniture blanket to put the suit pieces onto.  Will ask for an apple box for him to sit on while putting on the feet.  Two sets of arms accompany this suit.  One set is for handling props (like a banana, cell phone, or other item).  The other set is for walking on all fours.  Those are the extension arms.  Use these in your medium shots.


Packing and box to ship in.  Preparation of paperwork for clearance through customs.  No real fur on this suit, so there has never been a problem from that before.



One case holds all the parts for this costume.  The crate is 36"x24"x24" and weighs approximately 70 pounds when loaded.  Shipping charges can be estimated by putting this item in your cart, but ultimately are responsibility of customer.




Fold the suit in half, tuck the arms in and set in case.  Should only take up 2/3 of the case.  In the open spot, put the head in facing up and the feet in the last free spot.  It should look the picture below.


Place the arms on the suit, palms up, hands away from the face.  If done correctly, your case should look like the picture below.  If the costume is upgraded with an additional set of hands (close up latex gloves), these will also fit inside of this crate but will increase the weight slightly.



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Brutus' unusually detailed face is exclusive to Animal Makers!


Jack Zhang sculpts the original Brutus face.


This is the arm extension that comes with the costume.  Your hand slides inside and grabs a padded bar.  A strap goes around the performer's wrist, and now their arms are 18" longer!




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