Brutus the Gorilla Latex Gloves

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Hollywood's best value in a gorilla costume hands!

Brutus, the gorilla features gorgeous hand wefted, museum-quality fur stretches over a custom-tailored muscle suit.

  • Stands 5 feet (1.5 m) tall (about 1' shorter than "Colossus").
  • Extended gorilla arms at proper length are included in the rental. This set is for walking and extend the performer's actual arm length by a third. 
  • Mouth opens & shuts following the suit performer's jaw movements (see image below).
  • Hand punched hairs in the face, fur transfer along the face.
  • The 2012 Version offers lower weight in the head piece.

This upgradeable set of gloves is used if hand and finger manipulation are required. This set does not extend the performer's actual arm length.

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Gorilla Suit 2009

  • Gorilla Suit 2009

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Suit Performer:
not included
Animation puppeteer:
not required
Casting Tryouts:
not included
Suit Dresser:
Local Shoots: included

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