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This package contains multiple Boa/Python snakes and molds.

If you are shopping for snake props today, how many other prop masters, art department coordinators, production designers and set dressers are doing the same?  Why not be the source, instead of being the customer?  This mold set represents over $60,000 value and over $120,000 worth of research and development.

Realistic Snake Props included:

$4500.00 X2  Realistic Python Snake Replica

$1500.00  Boa Python Snake Head

$850.00  Snake Boa Head Blank

$3500.00  Boa Python Snake Prop

$3500.00  Boa Python Snake Blank

$675.00  Boa Snake Coils

$4150.00  Rainbow Boa Python Snake Prop Replica

$2250.00  Rainbow Boa Constrictor snake

Realistic Snake Prop Molds included:

$5000.00  Python Snake Mold

$5000.00  Boa snake prop mold

$2500.00  Python Snake Tongue Mold

$2500.00  Python Snake Neck Mold

$5500.00  Boa Python Snake Coils Mold

$5500.00  Boa Constrictor Snake Torso Wrapping Version Mold

$5500.00  Boa Head Core Mold

$7500.00  Boa Constrictor Body Mold Straight 10 ft


$25425.00 in props

$39000.00 in molds

$64425.00 total package


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