Three Largest Animatronic Animal Figures We Ever Designed and Built

by Jim Boulden

In order from smaller to larger:

(3) 35' Animatronic Whale

Rehearsals with a full scale, animated whale in video above.  Jack creates the whale body in hard foam first.

The tail was sculpted in clay, and then a mold was made of that huge sculpture.

(2) 38' Animatronic Ancient Chinese Dragons

The classic red dragon.  This one represents fire and is quite animated.  The heads lift up and down, the tails wag, and the entire figure moves forward and back on a track.  Eyes glow in various LED colors, which are programmed as well.  Figure set up to become part of the Bellagio's DMX control system.

Looking under the hood, we find a lightweight, welded, aluminum frame with threaded head shell mounts.  Plumbing for the smoke machine hose was incorporated at the front, just behind the nostrils.

The face was sculpted and compared to ancient Chinese drawings.

(1) 40' Animatronic Pink Bunny

Here's the biggest animated figure we've ever built!  The figure is 40' tall and animated.  This was built as a traveling attraction that was to be erected at various Wal-Mart and other box store locations.  It all started with a model.

Then we designed the visitor interface.  This is the basic control housing, with a graphic sized and placed.  Controlling buttons were placed at each of the moving areas.  These areas included the neck, each of the arms, and a rotating battery in it's backpack.

Here's a shot of the shoulder mechanism.  There is a control box mounted in the middle.