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Grüd The Gorilla Promotes "King Kong, Skull Island" on Jimmy Kimmel

Posted by on 14th Mar 2017

Grüd Promotes "King Kong"

Great to see Tom Hiddleston wearing our Grüd gorilla Costume!  Tom actually fit the costume very well.  We enjoyed working with Jimmy Kimmel's wardrobe department to make this promo go so smoothly!

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Update Your Costume!

Here at Animal Makers the special effects animal costume is king!  Your existing costume may be really cool, but how about taking things up a bit?   Check out these bird shoes (see photo above). Here is a magnificent set of human sized, angel wings;Maybe your existing costume is a mammal of some kind?  Here's some brown beasty shoes. Here are [...]

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Gorilla Costume Heads

Upgrade your existing gorilla costume with these lightweight, professionally built in Southern California by entertainment industry crew.Pictured above are three gorilla costume heads currently available as of March 2016.  Brutus (R), Colossus-Maxim (M), and Colossus-Grodd (L).  Each face is individually hand punched and furred.  Maxim and Grodd are taken from the Colossus face molds, but are figure [...]

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Colossus the Gorilla Costume Accessories

Colossus the Gorilla Costume - AccessoriesItem #5757 Included when purchasing or renting Colossus are the following essential accessories:How does a performer see when wearing the Colossus Gorilla Suit?Installed into the front nostril of Colossus is The Original Dominator First Person View (FPV) System from Fat Shark RC Vision Systems which features Brightness and Contract controls, Audio / [...]

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New Animatronic Gorilla Costume Offered

Feb. 29, 2016: Moorpark, CaliforniaGorillas Escape Studio Animal Makers introduces Maxim, an animatronic Eastern Mountain Silverback Gorilla costume that is amazingly realistic!  Since 1979, we have worked to lower costs for Hollywood level special effects costumes.The first one of these delivers March 3 to his new home in Florida!  The next one will be available the [...]

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Movie Magic- Foam Sculpt a Flexible Gorilla Body

In this blog post, you see a prop gorilla body form being created. This movie prop will end up looking like a poacher has bagged it. Thom Floutz is shown here working on the scenic paint for this gorilla body movie prop.  Thom is an awesome artist whose work you have seen for many years [...]

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Lituo Dinosaurs Making a Deal for Brutus?

Animal Makers is excited to have it's products being offered in other countries!We came across this product photo of Brutus over on AliBaba's website, at Lituo Dinosaurs. Here's the original shoot, with myself, Brutus, and a video camera.  This photograph was taken when we were located in Simi Valley, California several years ago.Perhaps Lituo Dinosaurs wants to upgrade [...]

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Meet the Gorilla Makers!

Animal Makers welcomes back Lynette Roy!  Lynette has worked with us many times over the years!  You can see some of her other work for Animal Makers here.  Lynette is an amazing talent who has mastered draping, pattern making, hair punching, fur transfer, and even coloring in her busy career.Ron Roland is laying out arm extensions [...]

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Theme Park Gorilla

Came across this gorilla display we provided for an Anaheim theme park a few years back.  It was displayed in a 1950's style space suit.  Wonder if it is still there today?  Have you seen this?  The mold for this head is now available.  Animal Makers has newer versions that are different.  This one would do [...]

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