Mustang Logo - Realistic and Full Scale

Mustang Logo - Realistic and Full Scale

Posted by Jim Boulden on 1st Oct 2014

Free as can be, and wild on the range, here comes the Mustang!  This sculpture is done in full scale with a full steel frame inside for long lasting strength.  The main body is made of high density foam urethane with a hard coating over top, then flocked electrostatically.  This is the look of the sculpture as it comes out of the flocking booth.

The eyes have not yet been installed.  The basics in color are there.  This original is silver and black.  Blacks and greys get blended when this piece goes into the painting area.

Black, flowing hair is beginning to be installed along the mane and tail of this silver and black mustang sculpture.  It really is breathtaking when you are standing in front of it!  The base will be colored either flat black, and perhaps get covered with sprigs of prairie grass.


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