Meet the Gorilla Makers!

Published by Jim Boulden on 26th Aug 2014

Animal Makers welcomes back Lynette Roy!  Lynette has worked with us many times over the years!  You can see some of her other work for Animal Makers here.  Lynette is an amazing talent who has mastered draping, pattern making, hair punching, fur transfer, and even coloring in her busy career.

Ron Roland is laying out arm extensions and assembling lightweight gorilla skulls.  There is a lightweight human head cast shell visible in the foreground, which is then mounted into the larger, gorilla sized shells shown on the left.  In the background is a vast assortment of lightweight and strong materials which Ron uses in his design and fabrication work.

Lorraine Calzada is fabricating the hardware strips to be used in the theatrical dressing and undressing of the actors.  These strips need to be very strong and easy to identify for the wardrobe department.  One of the famous Gorilla Glue suit heads is staring back at us from Lorraine's work table.  2014 is Lorraine's first year working with Animal Makers. 

Jack Zhang sculpts the gorilla faces, heads, hands, and feet (or paws).  Jack has been sculpting at Animal Makers full time since the mid 1990's.  Jack graduated from the Art Center in Beijing, China.  He is an amazing talent and a truly great person to work with!  Once completed with the sculpture, Jack makes a mold of the final work.


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