MASKS for Live-Action Animal Characters

MASKS for Live-Action Animal Characters

Posted by Jim Boulden on 5th Sep 2017

When creating live-action animal characters for theater, film, TV, or Internet Content; the most important part is the face!

Once the face design is laid out, one must consider internal structure and performer comfort.

Finished Masks:

Bear Costume Dark Brown Head and Neck Costume

Bear Brown Costume Head

Rabbit Mask

Realistic Wolf or Dog Mask Build to Order

Realistic Lion Mask

Ready to Finish Masks:

Billy the Gorilla Rubber Latex Masks

Gorilla Mask Full Head

Whole Head Realistic Cat Mask

Whole Head Realistic Wolf Mask

Whole Head Realistic Lion Mask

Whole Head Realistic Fox Mask

Realistic Bear Flexible Mask -unfinished

Gorilla Mask Full Head

Gorilla Female Adult Face Mask Unfinished

Gorilla Face Mask for Gorilla Suit Foam

Realistic Goat Mask

Parts and Accessories to Mask Making:

Large Doggy Cam Rig (For adding doggy noses to talent)

Whole Head Fox Mask -Second

Lion Mask Fur Pattern

Realistic Wolf Dog Mask Pattern

To help other artists, these thin-walled, super lightweight masks are now available and in stock.