by Jim Boulden

August is too early to think about Halloween...

Unless you are in the entertainment business!

To help other professionals get their haunts, experiences, and displays together for halloween 2017, we combed our kit and came up with these great deals!

Spines, femurs, hands, phalanges, fingers, rib cage, zombie corpse hand, and skull


Here we have child sizes in skull, arms, legs, patellas and clavicles:


These are all from one show, "Scary Movie 2".  

Keenan Ivory Wayans directed, and ordered these for various scenes in the movie.  Some of the smaller sized skeleton parts are child sized from another project.

Specifically, these items are screen used for Scary Movie 2:

Animated Large Human Skeleton Replica Arm 2

Large Human Skeleton Replica Parts Set 5

Large Human Skeleton Replica Parts Set 4

Large Human Skeleton Replica Leg 3

Large Human Arms and Legs Skeleton Replica Parts Set 2

Large Human Arms Skeleton Movie Prop Parts Set 3

Screen used animated puppet as shown above:

Screen Used Human Skeleton Puppet 2 "Scary Movie 2"

The grabber!

Realistic Animated Skeleton Arm

Animated Large Human Skeleton Replica Arm 2

All of the skeletons and bones made for these and other projects are being closed out this year.

Great time to pick up items for haunts, mold making, other art projects, and Halloween displays.