Grüd and Brutus "Walk the Prank" for Disney

Grüd and Brutus "Walk the Prank" for Disney

Published by Jim Boulden on 27th Mar 2017

Brutus and Grüd "Walk the Prank" for Disney

This kind of prank is very believeable, when you are the "mark".  It's all about the set up!  The interesting twist in this show, is the use of TWO gorillas!  The substitute teacher gets really freaked when she sees the second one!

There was one day of prep, and one day of shoot involved in creating these scenes.  As of March 28, 2017, there have been just about 2 million views!  Check out the "thumbs up" too!


Hollywood Film Quality Gorilla Costume - Grüd

Realistic Gorilla Costume - Brutus

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