Expressing Yourself As An Animal

Expressing Yourself As An Animal

Published by Jim Boulden on 24th Apr 2017

"Show me the Tuna"

      - Salem Saberhagen, "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"

As long as there have been groups of people, there have been stories told.  Those stories have been told and retold over thousands of years.  Always a character in these stories, is an animal or several.  Sometimes as background characters, sometimes as prey, and sometimes with mythical properties.

As a young person, I was drawn to the entertainment business.  Loved "Lassie" and "Rin Tin Tin" so much, that I watched every movie and TV show which featured them.  "Flipper" was filmed close to my home in Florida, and represented the coolest pet a kid could ever dream of!

Years later, as I pulled up an apple box to perform Salem Saberhagen on Sabrina the Teenage Witch, it was clear that this is what I enjoyed the most.  Performing, as a puppeteer, as a cat!

What a great character!  Here are a few scenes that were Buzzfeed's Favorites.

Performing on the Sabrina TV set was quite an experience.  Production of a series is quite different work (and workers) than distribution.  Distribution is more corporate.  On the set, I worked with Executive Producer,  Nell Scovell, Series Director, Gary Halvorson, Series Writer and Salem's voice, Nick Bakay, and fellow puppeteers, Mauri Bernstein, Jim Greenall, and Thom Fountain to create this memorable cat character.

Salem performed well for "The Wonderful World of Disney" in several "Sabrina" made for TV movies, as well as lasting 7 full seasons on ABC.

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