DIY Store Department

DIY Store Department

Published by Jim Boulden on 24th Apr 2017

One of the most interesting sections of the Animal Makers store is the Do It Yourself section (DIY)!  Choose from all sorts of exclusive items related to the building and performing of animal puppets, props and costumes.

Animatronic parts are now available. These custom machined parts have been pulled out of older puppets and rigs.  Multiple sizes Cable and housing are two of the highlights.

Flex Forms: are not taxidermy style forms at all.  these are the kinds of forms you need when building for live events and film work.  Many animals are available as latex skinned, urethane foam inside editions.  These are easy to manipulate into the form you need for your project.

Flocking for faces, legs, and paws is also available.  We find it best to use three different lengths of flocking.  The longest are like .032".  That is the first coat.  Second coat is shorter (.25").  The last filler coat of flocking is almost like sawdust (.015").  Most of the colors we offer are natural.

Furs from all over the world are stocked in our inventory.  These are created from monofilament Acrylic with a non-stretch backing.  We also stock some National Fiber Tech which includes a stretch backing.

Molds specially created for Hollywood's top studios are also available for either rental or sale.  Why take the time to sculpt and cast a cat or dog, when you can rent a set of tooling that is ready to go?

Patterns are available for creating many animals we offer here.

And of course, one of our customer's favorites is Close-Outs!  

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