Colossus the Gorilla Costume Accessories

Colossus the Gorilla Costume Accessories

Published by Jim Boulden on 7th Mar 2016

Colossus the Gorilla Costume - Accessories

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Included when purchasing or renting Colossus are the following essential accessories:

How does a performer see when wearing the Colossus Gorilla Suit?

Installed into the front nostril of Colossus is The Original Dominator First Person View (FPV) System from Fat Shark RC Vision Systems which features Brightness and Contract controls, Audio / Video jacks, and jacks into the Special Effect Costume's onboard power.  There is a tiny camera set up inside one of the nostrils of the Animal Makers Colossus Suit.  The performer can now see as the gorilla would see.  Otherwise, the performer must peak out of the other nostril.  Both nostrils are treated to reduce visibility from the viewer's point.

The animations for Colossus' face are operated using a Hi Tec Optic 6 Sport 2.4 ghz radio control system.  The radio features two double axis joysticks for ease of control of the jaw, blinks and eye turns.  Included in the tech accessory pack is a 12 VDC Makita battery pack and charger.  These batteries can be purchased all over the world and we recommend having a few on hand.  The FPV system cables come pre-bundled in the head.  The onboard fan system, the FPV system are all done with one battery unit.

This is the servo and controller battery pack.  This is the second power system onboard Colossus.  There are two power jacks to join when assembling this suit.

This is one of the three cases that Colossus comes in.  The upper body packs perfectly inside.  Measurements are 24" x 24" x 36" and it weighs right at 50 pounds when packed.

Case #2 carries the fur, paws, feet and head of the Colossus gorilla costume.

Also Available:

Animatronic hand and arm extensions!

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