Bigfoot/ Yeti / Sasquatch Mask and Hairwork

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Great Looking Bigfoot / Yeti / Sasquatch Full Head Mask

This item is a full head, foamed latex appliance with a full paint job, hand punched hair, and lace hair piece.  These facial prosthetics involve quite a bit of hand work.  Latex is injected into the molds set.  Hopefully, the first injection is good, with no bubbles inside.  Then the entire mold is cooked for 8 hours at just under 200°F.  The first run is usually not perfect, and is used later on as a test piece.  Then the process is repeated until we get a perfect pull out of the mold.  Each time the foam is injected involves mixing 5 different specialty chemicals perfectly.  The supplies for this foamed latex appliance can cost quite a bit and don't store well for long periods of time.  Once the perfect rendition is ready, it goes into painting.  This process involves several layers of translucent paints.  If the paint job goes well, the facial prosthetic is delivered to figure finishing for hair lace work and hair punching.  The final mask is a full head prosthetic and it slips over an actor with a bald cap on, and must be trimmed and glued onto the actor's face.  Your professional make-up effects artist will glue the lip area down along with the eye areas.  This is a foamed latex creation that will look amazing for camera.  Each time this make up is removed will possibly cause destruction of the materials.

A full suit to go with the mask can also be found here.


If item is not in stock and is to be built, please contact us to check shop's build schedule. 

Not currently in stock. These are made to order.
Not Included::
Performer for test fitting and on-the-day performance

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