Animatronic Realistic Brown Bear Costume for Rent - Mama Bear

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Hollywood's most popular realistic bear costume for rent!

Please meet Mama Bear, the 3rd largest of our realistic, realistic brown bear costumes.  This high quality fur is stretchy which allows your costume performer to actually move about the set. If you are interested in a group of bears, then the look and feel of this bear costume matches Papa and Baby Bear suits.  Worn by a suit performer or stunt person approximately 5'6" tall, making the suit approximately 6.5' tall.  There are suit actors who fit this suit perfectly.

Pricing is for the animatronic upgrade that includes an animatronic head with animated jaw, eye blinks, and ear movements.  The less expensive, non-animated, stunt version of this costume is here: Realistic Professional Adult Brown Bear Costume-Mama  

The animatronic head sits on a backpack so the performer feels better.  The lack of weight on the performer's head allows for better movement by this grizzly bear costume.  A full muscle suit inside the stretchy outer fur suit.  A suit dresser (can be provided by Animal Makers for additional fee) is needed to work outside the suit.  In the controller option, this suit requires the double option.

The animatronic do require you upgrade to multiple axis controller rental (full kit included).  For full animation, choose Dual RC Radio Remote Control Kit Weekly Rental, for basic animation, choose Single RC Radio Remote Control Kit  This will give you a bear that has has a animated mouth to open and shut, ears drop back, lips animate (both upper and lower lips), and the eyes blink.  This head comes with a backpack style head mount. This method removes the weight of the head from the performer's head by suspending the elements from a backpack worn by the suit performer. Fur is hand wefted National Fiber Tech material. 

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VIDEO: Face animation presentation:

The costume ships in 2 cases that are 50 pounds each and sized 24”x24”x36”.  Depending on controllers required (recommend 1), then a third, smaller box 24”x24”x24” and 35 pounds is required for chargers, controllers, and batteries.


***ALL RENTALS require Certificate of Insurance, Refundable Rental Deposit, SIGNED Rental Policy Agreement and Terms & Conditions Release Form (after Purchase we will require these before shipment or pick-up)*** 

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30.00 LBS
24.00 (in)
24.00 (in)
36.00 (in)
Terms & Conditions:
***ALL RENTALS require Certificate of Insurance, Refundable Rental Deposit, SIGNED Rental Policy Agreement and Terms & Conditions Release Form (after Purchase we will require these before shipment or pick-up)***


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