Animatronic Pig Boar Puppet

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This item is a full sized, animatronic boar.

Originally sculpted as a sow, it is now "dressed" as a boar! This replica of a full sized pig is 5'6" [1.67m] nose to base of tail. Animations include: nose wiggle, mouth opens, head looks left/right/up/down, eyes move left/right/up/down, eye brows move up/down, breathing, and the entire pig is on a rig that can roll or angle the body to direction. Skin is high-quality foamed latex with a deep, scenic paint job and coarse, hand punched hair all over. Price includes the pig figure, the controllers, the frame rig.  Animation is wonderful! See the mouth open/shut, the head moves left/right/up/down, the legs are all puppet-ready, and even the whole body can be performed! Hair is hand punched into a foamed latex skin. Price includes controller package with pull handles and radio controls, batteries, and charging station.



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