Animatronic Hollywood Film Quality Gorilla Costume - Maxim

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  • Stands at approximately 7'0" to 7'2" tall
  • A 5'11" - 6'1" performer looks out through camera and first person video.
  • Lightweight construction allows for ease of movement.
  • the Colossus face mold is used in creation of this character 
  • USA designed and built

    • Mouth opens and shuts
    • eyes turn back and forth
    • eyes blink

    • Radio controller and paired receiver are included
    • Cooling fan (placed in an updated location)
    • FPV goggles with camera built into the nostril
    • one 12vdc battery included with charger 
  • Suit comes with flexible latex gloves
  • Optional: arm extensions, or animated arm extensions are available
  • replaceable feet and hands
  • easy to dress onto a performer
  • Super lightweight head / hat
  • Video shows the radio controller and inner workings of the animated gorilla face (but does not show the new nose wrinkle animation which is new for 2016)

We also offer a few a gorillas that vary in style and look.  Starting with Grodd, Maxims twin with no animation: Hollywood Film Quality Gorilla Costume - Grodd  , then we have Colossus, a more formed gorilla suit:  Colossus Silverback Professional Gorilla Costume.  The smallest gorilla costume we have is Brutus.  He doesn't have any animatronics in his head, but is a formed suit for a more relistic gorilla: Hollywood Film Quality Gorilla Costume - Brutus   

Maxim has animated blinks, eye turns and eye blinks.  The costume also features a fan in the chin of the face to cool the performer.  Video FPV goggles are provided to add 120° view.  The face and animated shell are identical to Colossus.  The main difference between Colossus and Maxim are:

Colossus has: 
  1. National Fiber Tech fur
  2. high end framework inside the body
  3. video first person headset for performer (180° view)
  4. dual fan system

 Maxim is the animated version of Grodd which offers:

  1. High end acrylic fur
  2. simpler framework inside the body
  3. view out the nostrils (5° view)
  4. same hands and feet as Colossus
  5. face from the same mold as Colossus 

Shipping of the costume requires 2 cases total.  1 case that is 24"x24"x36", weighing approximately 55 pounds and 1 case that is 22"x22"x21", weighing approximately 65 pounds.



If item is not in stock and is to be built, please contact us to check shop's build schedule.


***ALL RENTALS require Certificate of Insurance, Refundable Rental Deposit, SIGNED Rental Policy Agreement and Terms & Conditions Release Form (after Purchase we will require these before shipment or pick-up)***


This is a brand new item warranted for workmanship and materials for one year.
Terms & Conditions:
***ALL RENTALS require Certificate of Insurance, Refundable Rental Deposit, SIGNED Rental Policy Agreement and Terms & Conditions Release Form (after Purchase we will require these before shipment or pick-up)***

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