Animated Woodpecker Bird Puppet

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This item is a pneumatically actuated, animated woodpecker prop which can add interest and entertainment to a restaurant, bar, or display.  It is built to last and comes complete with everything you need to plug and play.  You only need to provide an inexpensive air compressor to run air line to.  In this package, you get a brand new set of solenoid valves, flow controls, fingertouch connectors, and enough air line to reach the compressor in another room.  Easy to hang on the wall.  Can be set up to animate by the flick of a switch, or the press of a remote control button.  The remote control is sold separately.  Doesn't take up much space when installed.  Can be hung on a vertical 4X4 post.  This prop is approximately 20" tall complete with the fake tree it is mounted to.  The valves are mounted inside that fake tree trunk.