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Animated Toucan is priced as a stand alone bird replica which includes everything to set up and animate easily.  All you add is a small, inexpensive air compressor.  

This is a gorgeous Keel Billed Toucan replica with black and yellow feathers. Every feather is hand-laid, the beak and legs are beautifully airbrushed. This is truly a one of a kind work of art.

This item is an animatron with state of the art, pneumatic control.


  1. - beak open / shut
  2. - head moves side to side
  3. - head moves up and down
  4. - tail flicks (not shown in video)

This model is designed in such a way as to last for years when placed in a fixed location. This makes it great for retailers who wanted to greet people coming into the store.

This animated toucan is a perfect addition to your tiki bar or tropical themed environment!


- 1 animated toucan figure as shown

Choose Multiple Axis Animation Controller to add:

- 4 digital solenoid valves

- Gilderfluke minibrick4 control box

- Gilderfluke SD-10 digital repeater

- pre-programmed natural sounds that play on cue

- SD card capable of adding programs by user

- air compressor touch fittings

- 30' of 1/4" main air line (clear)

- 80' of 1/8" air line (clear) to feed animated figure.  (80' / 8 lines = 10' each line)

- 4 high quality pneumatic actuators inside figure

- water trap and regulator ready to thread onto your compressor

- magnetic latch service door for easy access to perform repairs



- air compressor (small fractional horse power with small tank)


Not for extended outdoor use.  


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