Animated Parrot

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Great new animated bird replica that offers long-lasting, realistic looking animation for displays in restaurants, hotels, casinos, family entertainment centers, miniature golf locations, and historical displays.

This item is an animated parrot with everything you need to allow this figure to sing and dance his way into your heart!  Kit includes everything you need to bring this character to life except a small air compressor. The best neck and body action you've ever seen! The beak opens like a real Macaw. That means the upper beak and the lower beak both animate. Bright red plumage is individually picked, and dyed chicken feathers or can be covered with actual Macaw feathers. These are also constructed for the location based entertainment marketplace. These items are pneumatically actuated for display in buildings instead of on film sets (where they are electronically actuated). Certainly one of Animal Makers' most popular items. Animations include: head moves left/right, up/down, tail flicks and the jaw opens.   Amazingly real technology at an affordable price.


This is a brand new item with a 90 days parts and labor warranty, plus a full 1 year parts warranty. Animal Makers not responsible for freight.

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