by Jim Boulden

Looking for a way to spice up your display or video project?  

This costume is available now.  We have great characters for you!  The Pepsi commercial shown above features our creative work designing and creating the polar bear family.  This one commercial improved the entire brand's share of social media by 5% overall.

Coca Cola then came out with it's own polar bear commercial for the Brazilian Olympics.  The spot mixes computer graphics with our live action costume to create a hugely successful spot (over 7 million views at the time).

Universally loved and adored, the polar bear is one of nature's most famous stars.  Including URSUS MARITIMUS into your display guarantees visitor focus and interest.  Polar Bears are the largest, land carnivors on earth.

We are looking for a cool display concept to introduce our signature, natural finishes on animated polar bears.  Here's what this could look like, using a horse as an example:We also build polar bears using hand wefted fake fur:

We design and build polar bear cubs also:

Large adult polar bear prop designed and built for the TV show: "LOST"

Here are some ice skating polar bears: